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KAPE is seeking examiners for the 2015 award cycle. KAPE Examiners support and evaluate the performance improvement of all types of organizations—businesses, schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations, including government agencies.

Examiners make major contributions, to recognize and promote performance excellence and to their employing organizations. Examiners evaluate organizations that are striving to serve as role models for Pennsylvania. Our goal is to have examiners that come from many industries, companies, and organizations, in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors.

If you are willing to make a significant commitment of time and energy, want to help improve Pennsylvania organizations, and want to benefit from the networking and educational experience of being an examiner, we encourage you to submit an examiner application.

You can find additional information and application forms for new and returning examiners on the Become an Examiner Page on the KAPE website.


Note: If you have difficulty downloading the application, please send an email to bbitner@keystonealliance.com and I will send it to you as an attachment.