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What is the purpose of the KAPE Award process?

The KAPE process is not about “winning an Award.” It’s about using the leading-edge Baldrige Criteria and performing low-cost, non-prescriptive assessments to address an organization’s unique challenges. KAPE’s mission is to help all types of organizations across Pennsylvania improve their performance and outcomes. In addition, all KAPE applicant organizations – regardless of application level – receive public recognition for their efforts in journeying toward performance excellence.

Does KAPE receive funding and resources from the federal or state government?

KAPE receives no government funds or resources. KAPE is a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation organized under Pennsylvania law and is funded through sponsorships and memberships. We also rely heavily on volunteers who share our passion for performance excellence.

Can organizations outside of Pennsylvania apply for the KAPE Award?

Only Pennsylvania organizations are currently eligible.

Are small organizations eligible to apply?

Public or private organizations of any size may apply to the KAPE Award process.

Our organization is not prepared to write a 50-page application. Are other options available?

An organization that is just beginning its performance excellence journey, or with limited resources, may find KAPE’s Level 1 application a more achievable option. The Level 1 requires a five-page Organizational Profile and a 15-page response to the Criteria questions at the Category level. Level 1 applications undergo the same rigorous Examiner review as the other application levels; feedback reports include a written summary of strengths and opportunities for improvement for each Baldrige Category.

We’re not ready to apply at any Level. Are there other ways to become involved with KAPE?
  • Become a sponsor or member and take advantage of various benefits
  • Apply to serve as an Examiner
  • Recommend high-potential employees from your organization as Examiners
  • Serve on KAPE’s various committees
  • Recommend KAPE to colleagues and associates
  • Attend the annual KAPE conference and learn first-hand from KAPE Award recipients
  • Ask about conference sponsorships and vendor opportunities
  • I’m interested in serving as a KAPE Examiner. Will I receive Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) or some sort of certification?
  • KAPE is currently pursuing the CEU process
  • Just as the National Baldrige Award Program, KAPE does not ascribe “certification” status to Examiners; all Examiner candidates – including experienced Examiners – must attend training each year they serve on the Board of Examiners
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