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Recognition Tiers

The Keystone Award for Performance Excellence is based on the promotion of performance and organizational excellence through the awareness and best practices as measured against the KAPE Criteria. Recognition is given to highlight each applicant’s progress in achieving performance excellence:


Recognizes applicants that are beginning their journey toward understanding and applying the principles of performance excellence.


Recognizes applicants that demonstrate a commitment to excellence and have established a process for continuous improvement.


Recognizes applicants that have demonstrated significant progress toward performance excellence through commitment and practice. Organizations recognized at this level clearly demonstrate results directly attributable to deployment of systematic approaches.

Keystone Excellence Award

Recognizes applicants that demonstrate — through practices and superior results — the highest level of performance excellence. These applicants are outstanding examples in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, exhibiting “world-class” processes that serve as role models for others. A site visit is required to qualify for the Award, and recipients are required to make a presentation at KAPE’s annual Performance Excellence Conference.